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Kelly’s Story

Racing Towards Her Dreams
With racing in her blood and the checkered flag in view, Kelly is the picture of inspiration for fans across the country. Kelly, a third generation driver, travels the racing circuit with one goal in mind — to make the wheels spin.

But she measures her racing success not only by where she places in the race, but also by how her story affects others. Her story is special: Kelly is also the first person known to race in any NASCAR series with a confirmed diagnosis of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) — a chronic, though treatable, neurological disease.

Fan Favorite
As a third generation racecar driver, Kelly and her family have spent many Saturday nights at the local tracks. In 2002, Kelly raced her first full season in the Goody's Dash Series, inspiring both racing fans and people living with MS.

Kelly, a 31-year-old mother of two, not only spent time on the track, but also took the time to share her personal story and spread her message of hope to people from across the country. Through speaking engagements and autograph sessions, Kelly has become a fan favorite. Through the years, Kelly has secured the "Most Popular Driver" award in several series, including the Goody's Dash Series in 2002.

The Dream
Kelly has always had one racing dream in view, hitting the pavement at the track of all tracks — Daytona International Speedway. Kelly's dream of racing at Daytona came true in 2002, when she qualified for the first race of the season. She finished the race in 11th place, an impressive advancement from her 34th place starting position.

"I always thought MS would keep me from racing, and now it has given me a chance to achieve my dreams and follow my passion," said Sutton. "With the support of my family, my crew, and my sponsor, we will be able to achieve great things on the track and off."

Kelly raced an exciting season in 2002, finishing the year in 12th place overall and third in rookie points. She will race a full season again in 2003. In her time away from the track, Kelly will continue to travel the country to deliver her inspirational message to others battling MS.